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I Feel Happy When I Learn Something New, I Am Happy Because of learning at GCCA!


Golden Chef College of Culinary Arts & Hospitality. Year 2019 Graduation Ceremony - Thanksgiving 2019年毕业典礼 -- 感恩

Golden Chef College of Culinary Arts & Hospitality. Lecturer got something to share with you! 金厨烹饪厨艺学院的教授有话说!

Golden Chef College Company Trips 金厨烹饪厨艺学院为全体教授与职员举办的太平一日游

Youth Chefs Challenge December 2019

5 Culture 5 Mall 5大文化 5大广场 Review your wonderful moments! Golden Chef's students! You are the BEST! 回顾你们精彩的时刻! 金厨烹饪及餐饮管理学院的学生!你们是最棒的!!

Wow! Chocolate can be anything! Creativity is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways! Students make connections between CHOCOLATE and ARTS! 巧克力!创意无限! 把知识添加上创意,再把想象幻化成现实! 巧克力艺术品一座座的展现在眼前!

PIFF 2019

Golden Chef Energy Factor 2019

Golden Chef Graduation Ceremony 2018

CNY New World Park Event 2019

Golden Chef College of Culinary Arts and Hospitality

CNY Youth Chef Challenge 2018

Secondary School student "ke Xing" argued with her father about the ...............Click and continues watch this short movie, the true story happen around corner. 中学毕业后的可欣与父亲发生口角, 因为。。。。

Golden Chef YOUTH CHEFS CHALLENGE 2018 Hot Cooking & Pastry Cake Decoration Challenge

Slow Bar Coffee - Syphon Brewing Method

Pour Over Coffee

5th Graduation Ceremony 2017

Tokun Hill Hiking Competition 2017

College Patisseries Competition @ French Desserts Display, Gurney Paragon 30th July 2017


GCCA Power Sports - 6KM Running Competition

Little Pastry Chef Challenge @ Ginger Bread House Decoration 30th July 2017

GCCA Power Sports - 8KM Running Competition

BOTC Cooking Competition 2016

Golden Chef Activities & Achievement of Year 2014~2015

Youth Asian Chefs Challenge 2016

GCCA Junior Chefs Challenge of Year 2015