UK Diploma In Culinary Arts – Professional in Asian Gastronomy

UK Diploma In Culinary Arts –
Professional in Asian Gastronomy

Golden Chef – “Professional Asian Gastronomy” is a professional qualification of provides training in Asian & Chinese culinary skills and catering management to industry practitioners and those who wish to pursue a career in the industry, enabling them to obtain or upgrade their qualifications.

This Professional Qualification endeavours to create a systematic training system in Asian & Chinese cuisine from elementary to the master chef levels to elevate the professional standard and status of Chinese chefs and entrepreneur in food and beverage.

80% practical & 20% Theoretical

The Professional Asian Gastronomy is a professional discipline that has combined Asian & Chinese dietary culture with the spirit of artistic creativity. The focus of its educational objective is to cultivate interpreters and executors for Modern Asian and Chinese Cuisine. Thus, the training of professional skills, the cultivation of learning competence and professional ethics and aesthetic endowment are considered as the primary focuses of teaching, while the curriculum within school and the teaching design of industries training, conducted alternatively, are deemed as the best combination for theory and practice.

The core curriculum of the programme covers the preparation of Asian & Chinese cuisine, the production of Chinese Dim Sum, Foods and beverage service, food hygiene and safety, practice of procurement, the culture of Asian cooking, menu design, cost control, production of a traditional cooking, the modern Asian Gastronomy.

Our cooking facilities in equivalence to professional commercial kitchen, practical restaurant, bar studio, demonstration kitchen, Asian & banquet Kitchen and molecular lad. With a full-functioning kitchen at hand, students get to experiment and gain a holistic learning experience, and also ensure that they are familiar with industry standard

Course Contents

  • Asian Chinese culinary cutting skills
  • Asian & Chinese cooking techniques
  • Taste and seasoning control
  • High pressure Wok skill
  • Dim-sum and noodles making
  • Food service
  • Safety, health and hygiene practices
  • Purchasing control
  • The culture of heritage food
  • Menu developing and design
  • Food Cost control
  • Asia & Chinese Traditional food
  • Fusion cooking developing
  • Modern Platting design
  • Tradition Cantonese cooking
  • Asian culinary arts
  • Traditional food
  • Thai cuisine
  • Taiwanese cuisine
  • Nyoya Cuisine
  • Vegetarian Food
  • Hong Kong Barbecue
  • Chinese Pastry
  • Japanese Cuisine
  • Korean Cuisine
  • Food & vegetable carvin


  • Age requirement between 16 – 30 years old.
  • Interested in Asian & Chinese Cuisine.
  • Ability to learn and physical strength.
  • Teaching Medium – Mandarin.

Course Duration

  • 1 Year 4 month (6 months of foundation, 6 months of professional , 4 months of Hotels Internship)