Students Services

College activities – GCCA Merdeka Run

In Student Services, we value excellence, inclusion, and equity. Our role is to support you as you walk the path from admissions to graduation and transfer.  We’re here to help you achieve your goals in and outside of the classroom.

Career Development
We will assist students to create their own resumes. Teach them the tips of interviewing skill, including dresscode, interview skills. We will update new vacancies to those graduated students.
Student ID Card
Student ID cards are used as security access in our academy, for discounts on transportation, movies, local restaurants and more.
Our hostels and GOLDEN CHEF academy is in walking distance. Hawker stalls kopitiam, café, western food restaurant, Asian food restaurant, Econsave, 7 Eleven, ATM, laundry service are all within walking vicinity.
Personal Accident Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance amounting to RM10,000 is provided to all local students. In all cases of Personal Accident Insurance, the insurance company works on a reimbursement scheme.
Upcoming Events & Activities
We give students opportunities to participate in cooking or pastry competition. Besides that, we also have organized sport activities, such as basketball, football, badminton exercise and etc.
GCCA graduation ceremonies shall be held annually, welcoming all students who successfully complete their academic courses and industrial training. Participation in the ceremony is open to eligible graduates, with attendance requiring a nominal fee.
EatPlus is the GCCA eWallet. The credit is eligible for use at all GCCA cafes and restaurants.
GCCA-Pay is an online platform for paying course fees. You can make your payments online, view your monthly installments, download receipts, and more.
MyStudentPortal is an online platform designed to streamline communication and access to courses materials for students. It provides a centralized hub where students can access course materials, submit assignments, check grades, and communicate with instructors and peers.
Hospitality Uniform
Quality service is service that “consistently meets and exceeds customer expectation”
This uniform provided the best professional image for frontline employees or student
Chef Uniform
Students are required to conform to these professional attire standards in every lab-based Food and Hospitality Institute class. The full sets of uniform are included.
Chef jacket : 2 pcs
Chef Pant : 2 pair
Chef Ha t : 1 pc
Apron : 1 pc
Scarf : 1 pc
Safety Boot : 1 pair
Kitchen tower : 1 pc
GCCA T-shirt : 1 pc
Culinary Tool
Paring knife : 1 pc
Turning Knife : 1 pc
Carving knife : 1 pc
Pocket Knife beg : 1 pc
Thermometer : 1 pc
Peeler : 1 pair
Table spoon : 1 pc
Table fork : 1 pc
Testing needle
Piping nozzle : 1 pc
Rolling pin : 1 pc
Spatula : 1 pc
Plastic Scrapper : 1 pc
Thermometer : 1 pc
Cutter : 1 pair
Scale : 1 pc
Plastic spatula : 1 pc

*Provide 0% Interest Installment Plan for Students.