UK Higher Diploma in Culinology & Supervision - Asian Gastronomy (中西餐)

UK Higher Diploma in Culinology & Supervision
Vocational Pre-Degree programme

At Higher Diploma level, the student specializes in cuisine studies and will develop a wider range of techniques including technologies cooking and management skills.

Aim to advance on higher levels of the hospitality or Food and Beverage industries. Enhancing your analytical and observation skills, supervisory and management capabilities and people management proficiency. Be an all-rounder in not just culinary art and skills, but also in operational aspects.

The students' skills are developed through the use of a greater range of commodities within the practical units. Additional generic units are introduced, such as food quantity and quality control, resources management, banqueting & catering activities coordination and etc.

Course Contents (Year 1)

  • Asian Chinese culinary cutting skills
  • Asian & Chinese cooking techniques
  • Taste and seasoning control
  • High pressure Wok skill
  • Dim-sum and noodles making
  • Food service
  • Safety, health and hygiene practices
  • Purchasing control
  • The culture of heritage food
  • Menu developing and design
  • Food Cost control
  • Asia & Chinese Traditional food
  • Fusion cooking developing
  • Modern Platting design
  • Tradition Cantonese cooking
  • Asian culinary arts
  • Traditional food
  • Thai cuisine
  • Taiwanese cuisine
  • Nyoya Cuisine
  • Vegetarian Food
  • Hong Kong Barbecue
  • Chinese Pastry
  • Japanese Cuisine
  • Korean Cuisine
  • Food & vegetable carvin

Course Contents (Year 2)

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • Hazard Analysis Critical
  • Control Point
  • Business Management in F & B
  • Food Quantity and Quality Control
  • Supervise Food Production
  • Resources Management in Food Preparation
  • Supervise Staff Training
  • Banqueting & Catering Activities Coordination
  • Supervisory Administrative Function
  • Budget, Costing and Control

Global Food and Beverage Service

  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Mixlogy – Cocktail and Mixed drink
  • Basic Barista and Latte Arts

Advanced Food Development

  • Developing Recipes and Menu
  • Advanced Culinary Technique
  • Fusion Cooking Gastronomy
  • Competition skill and Technique

Global Food and Beverage Service

    • Basic Molecular Gastronomy
    • Technique of Spherification
    • Culinary Smoking
    • Method of Dehydration
    • Air, Foams & Espumas
    • Technique of Sous-vide Cooking
    • Technique – Heat Tolerant Gels
    • High Pressured Cooking


  • Age requirement between 16 – 30 years old.
  • Interested in Asian & Chinese Cuisine.
  • Ability to learn and physical strength.
  • Able to Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking in Basic Mandarin (for 1st year)
  • Able to Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking in Basic English (for 2nd year)

Course Duration

      • Option 1: 2 Years + 3 months internship .
      • Option 2: UK Diploma graduated + 1 Year + 3 months internship.