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Online Diploma in Culinary Arts

Course Content

Courses of study in the online program concentrate on both theory and application of culinary arts in the following areas:

  • Food safety, HACCP and storage management.
  • Budgets, costing and control.
  • Menu Design and Development.
  • Food Service Operation.
  • Kitchen Operation.
  • Breakfast Cookery.
  • Principles of Grade-Manger.
  • Dry & Moist Heat Cooking Techniques.
  • French and Italian Cuisine.
  • Modern Western and European Cuisine.
  • Malaysian Cuisine.
  • Asian Cuisine (Japanese, Korean, Thai, etc.)
  • Modern Chinese Cuisine.
  • Desserts, Cakes and Breads Products.
  • Vegetables and Fruits Carving.

Duration of The Course

We want you to learn at your own pace. We would expect though the course to be completed within 12 months of purchase.

Minimum Enrolment Requirements

In order to successfully complete a Professional Diploma Qualification, you will need to:

·       Be 18 years of age, or older

·       Be able to read and communicate in English. You may use Google translate to change your course material into 104 different languages, however your assignments and final exams will need to be submitted in English.

·       Have access to the internet, e-mail (with a valid e-mail address), a scanner, a printer and a digital photographic device.

·       Have access to a reasonably well equipped kitchen.

·       Be computer literate with the ability to upload and download documents and photographs / video clips.

·       Be able to travel to your closest examination centre to write your final exam/s, if this option is considered.

Fees & Costs

Course costs vary between programmes. A full schedule of fees is available with each specific course outline. You will have a choice to pay in full or alternatively there are easy monthly payment plans available, with a deposit that will be due upon registration.  Fees can be paid via bank transfer.

Please click here to download a brochures. 

If you have any questions about payments or fees please Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need?

With your recipe book, watch the video from beginning until end of each video, you will understand what equipment and ingredients necessary to carry out the module. If you do not have the equipment we are on hand to discuss and advise you on alternatives.

Where can I watch my course?

You have full access to your course platform from anywhere in the world and you can learn and interact using either pc, mobile or tablet. Will have unlimited access to an Exclusive Culinary Studio as well as more than 100’s of recipes & videos

What if I do not complete my course in the allowed time?

We charge a monthly fee of RM580 per month, paid in advance, until successful course completion. Our Student Support is available to help you to complete the course in the allowed time. Should you fall behind, please do contact us for assistance on the best way to fast track your studies.

Can I skip lessons?

No lessons in any module or program can be skipped. It is essential to complete every single lesson in the order they have been set out, before starting with the next lesson or module in the program.

What if I have a question or concern whilst carrying out a module?

Our professional team will be with you each step of the way so all you need to do is communicate with us on the training platform.

Will I have to write tests or exams?

Yes, you will be expected to submit formative assignments / tasks for both the theoretical and practical elements of your studies. These are in the form of checkpoints and quizzes also assignments and essay type questions which involve research and feedback.

You will also submit summative practical assignments / tasks (final exams), these will be completed in front of a mentor chef/assessor.

What will I achieve at the end of the course?

Once you have finished all modules, pass in the Test and Exam you will be assessed and issued with an (1) On-line Diploma issued by Golden Chef College and (2) Professional Diploma (International Vocational Qualification)

Our online platform is exciting, interactive and user friendly, quality education online from any kitchen. Our team is on hand and ready to get you started.

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