About Golden Chef Culinary Studio

Flexible Learning Programme    

Flexible Learning Programme    

Golden Chef Culinary Studio is an online platform for students to learn professional cooking and baking skills. Students are given freedom in how, what, when and where they learn. Also known as Flexible Learning Programme.

Through our online diploma course in Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts, you’ll study interactive courses delivered by our professional chef instructors, engage in live classroom discussions, learn the business side of the industry and fine-tune your techniques and knowledge – all in the convenience of your own kitchen. Flexibility schedule your time table, meet our instructor and ready your practical assessments for every single module, this Hands-on assessments experiences further prepare students for a career in the culinary arts and Patisseries.

This flexible learning platform combines in-person teaching and online education, and is a world class combination of the latest technology and innovation, together with mentorship by our industry experienced professional chefs.  We offer a well-balanced education programme of culinary skills, Baking skill, Asian cooking methodology and industry externship to help your culinary dream come true.

Courses of study in the online program concentrate on both theory and application of culinary arts and Pastry arts. The interactive courses, will also engage with your fellow students in online discussions and on social media, and fine tune your techniques and knowledge to gain an accredited qualification. The combination of live sessions, recorded sessions, online forums and one to one time with a chef instructor will enable you to learn and grow in the way that suits you to meet your learning style and needs.

Apply and build on the skills and techniques you’ve learned in the program in a real-world environment. Gain hands-on experience in a professional kitchen, develop industry contacts, build working relationships and hone the skills necessary for your culinary career.